Chiropractic Methods to Cure Body Disorders

Various chiropractic treatments help cure pain in joints and tissues and in spinal column. A range of techniques have been devised for Chiropractic Treatment primarily based on spinal adjustment. Some of the methods have been very effective in Chiropractic cure.

The Chiropractic treatment deals problems related to injuries and pains in the spine that affect the working of the nervous system. There is minimal use of drugs or medication for this treatment; as a result, there are no permanent side effects of this treatment. Chiropractic Treatment is also given in the form of massage which helps curb ailment, reduce stress and provides calming effect in the body. Often seen as an alternative therapy, Chiropractic Treatments do not involve any kind of surgery. These treatments focus on lower back pain, neck pain, joint pain in arms and legs.

Some of the Chiropractic Treatments are as Mentioned Below:

  • Mobilization treatment is a type of treatment that refers to low velocity manipulation, movement and stretching of muscles and joints of the body. The main goal of this treatment is to increase the range of motion within the spinal area and rigid joints.
  • Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique is used to adjust imbalances that occur within a body’s electromagnetic field. With the help of electric field or magnetic field pain in the pressure points can be corrected and thus they can be released from any kind of discomfort.
  • Motion Palpitation is the type of treatment that helps in identification of rigid joints by careful examination of muscles and joint areas. Massages or exercises are prescribed in order to make the joints more flexible and moving.
  • Vertebrae Subluxation is a treatment that deals with proper alignment of spine and is also known as spinal adjustment. The process involves short lever arm thrusts on the displaced or abnormal vertebra. This type of Chiropractic Treatment or chiropractic manipulation is used to massage, adjust, mobilize and stimulate the spine and related tissues. The goal is to improve its functionality, reduce nerve irritability and restore range of motion in the back with this treatment.
  • Exercise, various stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular exercises are prescribed by chiropractic practitioners to help cure back and joint pain. In order to strengthen under-active or rigid muscles and to attain a balanced structure, chiropractics advise exercises that help in mobilization and proper adjustment of muscles of trunk and pelvis area.
  • Gonstead Technique is a chiropractic cure that helps in the analysis of spine or vertebrae disorders with the help of the X-rays.
  • Cox Flexion Distraction Technique involves stretching of spine on a specialized, movable table and vertebrae adjustment with the help of massages and other treatment methods.
Thus, the above defined treatment methods help in chiropractic cure and in full recovery of the patient from pain problems.